Melkweg Album Lunch PARTY!!!29th July, 2014

To celebrate the release of our new album Whistleblower we have decided to throw a big fat PARTY at Melkweg, Amsterdam on the 21st September.

After the success of our recent concert at Caprera we will be playing an a acoustic set followed by a full electric set which will blow your socks right off your feet! This is going to be a gig like no other gig, we can guarantee it will be an experience for everyone! An opportunity  to hear our new songs live and in an incredible venue which we are proud to be returning to.


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Will and the People

Songs from The Shed28th July, 2014

Penny Eyes – Filmed in The Shed at Larmer Tree Festival – if only all sheds were like this!

One Mic And An Amphitheatre22nd July, 2014

Normally when you build something up in your head it is never as good as you expected it to be… So when we played a show a few days ago, in an amphitheatre, in our favourite territory in front of 1300 people all there to watch us… we were expecting a lot. I can thankfully say that after years of playing music…  this one was undoubtedly our best show yet…

    We also found out that there were a whole load of people doubting whether Will and the People could entertain a crowd, sitting down for 2 hours. These people were very much proven wrong and it was a delight to hear our promoters and agents eat their own words after the show. . I’m sick of being a serious artist behind closed doors.

We talk about this all the time, we just never actually do anything about it.. which sucks…

The conversation tends to arise in the early hours at a house party of some sort, or in a field on a monday morning at a festival… we sing a song either acapella or if there is a stringed instrument in the vicinity we use it, and then after we finish someone (normally one of us but not always) says: “why can’t we just do that when we play our live show, it’s so much more captivating” (or something of the sort) everyone agrees … we all have a moment….we might even decide we are going to do this, and then the show arrives and we just plug in and turn up and rock the fuck out.. works every time… but no matter how many times we do it i can’t help but think we are missing a trick… an “extra string to our bow” if you will…

 So we announced this caprera show as an acoustic gig.. people were all sat down.. we did the first 40 minutes completely unplugged, around one microphone… old school style.. A barbershop quartet.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 17.39.04

We were, i can confidently say, the most spiritually connected we have ever been/felt to the audience. They were all very quiet and the whole show was a different atmosphere to anything we have ever done outside the confines of our own security. It was a little like playing in our living room with a thousand people watching… it was fucking pure.  Anyway…. we then played some songs with a few more microphones, built it up bit by bit, threw in some old numbers like “Blue”, “Lifeline” (a true moment), and “mary” and then we played with the full band to finish off the show, and the moat in front of us filled up with girls, and the party began.

It was a great evening for all of us, and i want to thoroughly thank all the people who came to our show… for us it was like jumping in the deep end and realising we have webbed feet. It was a calling for us… something we have been meaning to do.

We are now going to be following our hearts and playing many more shows along these lines…


we realised we are as much an acoustic act as we are a party band, as serious as we are loose, and as much about our songs as our rhythm section.

We are as much like Damian Rice as we are Damian Marley.. we are as much like Sid Vicious as we are Jack Johnson… and as much like Chopin as the Pixies…you get the idea…

So anyway this is mainly a thank you to the people who came…. We have had some really fucking amazing things happen to us recently… but that evening at Caprera was undoubtedly our highlight as a band this year so far… We are just so glad there were so many of you there…

Now we just need to keep on doing that and nothing will stop us.

Peace and vibes to you all…

Keep it real, look out for our new album, it’s out September 19th… you can pre order it from iTunes and Amazon now!!

One love

Will x


Black and White photos by  Jacqueline Reboir